We are now hiring for several retail and kitchen positions.  To apply for a job, please put the job title in the subject line and send a brief cover letter and CV to jobs@crispianbakery.com. 


FOH Retail/Barista

Our front of house staff are responsible for not only providing friendly customer service, but being able to translate between kitchen and guest.  Retail staff are expected to know details about all of the products on our menu, including bread, pastry, and coffee.  A working knowledge of espresso machines is appreciated.  Many of the duties of our retail staff can be taught, so experience is less crucial than a good attitude, aptitude for learning, and common sense.  Flexible hours are required.  Primary responsibilities include:

Providing friendly, courteous service during high-pressure, high-volume hours

Following all health and safety guidelines pertaining to job and equipment

Processing financial transactions through our POS system

Making coffee, tea, and other hot drinks according to company standards and recipes

Communicating between kitchen and retail, including answering guests' questions, restocking displays, and listening to guests' suggestions

Maintaining a clean, professional appearance by adhering to dress code and behavior standards

Being open and flexible, willing to do cheerfully whatever is needed



A steward's duties go far beyond janitorial services.  You will be responsible for:

Reviewing and verifying all incoming deliveries

Maintaining inventory of all disposable items, i.e. paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies

Properly cleaning all kitchen dishes and equipment, including delicate pastry tools and machines, and restocking clean dishes throughout bakery

Keeping two restrooms clean and functional

Restocks clean dishes in all areas of restaurant

Sweeping and mopping floor, and emptying all trash cans in the back of the house



At our bakery, consistency and quality are our top priorities.  We are looking for a baker who can assist in both pastry and bread production, so the ideal candidate will have an interest in both of those areas of production.  We expect a great deal from our bakers; we are looking for accuracy and attention to detail, paired with efficiency and a good attitude.  Good communication skills and the ability to take direction are paramount.  Bakery experience is a plus, flexible hours are required.  Primary responsibilities include:

Mixing, portioning, shaping, and baking both breads and pastries, and decorating pastries for display

Meeting all health and safety requirements and keeping an impeccably clean workstation with limited space

Cleaning all machinery and work areas every day as well as whenever needed

Following all recipes and procedures quickly and accurately

Maintaining a clean, professional appearance by adhering to dress code and behavior standards

Working well with others, especially in high-pressure situations

Restocking inventory and keeping an eye on what needs to be reordered

**You must be able to lift 50 pounds and stand for 8-10 hours at a time, as well as be able to move heavy trays in and out of very hot ovens**